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I want to share my little brother Hayden-Starr with you. He was born April 8th 2008 with a heart defect. I was having lot's of fun with him. He always made me laugh. Then on June 3rd when he was 8 weeks old Hayden-Starr had to go away. I miss him very much & I think he was so brave while he was here. I was looking forward to sharing my toys with him. Here is a tag my Nana made showing how happy he was.
My special little brother, Hayden-Starr
I love you Hayden-Starr, I hope I get to see you again one day.

Monday, 8 December 2008

My gorgeous lil brother Hayden-Starr

My gorgeous little brother Hayden-Starr.
My mummy took this photo when she took Hayden & myself out to Leeds castle for the day back in May earlier this year. Hayden was 5 weeks old & this was his very first big giggle. He used to make me laugh so much.
My Nana from Funky-Fever got this amazing quickpage from Jodi one of her online friends. Give her a visit & you can get one for yourself too. It's free to use. Don't forget to say thanks. Nana tells me I should always say thank you.
Jodi also does some gorgeous wordart & has many other quickpages to choose from as well.
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