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I want to share my little brother Hayden-Starr with you. He was born April 8th 2008 with a heart defect. I was having lot's of fun with him. He always made me laugh. Then on June 3rd when he was 8 weeks old Hayden-Starr had to go away. I miss him very much & I think he was so brave while he was here. I was looking forward to sharing my toys with him. Here is a tag my Nana made showing how happy he was.
My special little brother, Hayden-Starr
I love you Hayden-Starr, I hope I get to see you again one day.

Monday, 9 February 2009

Snowfall in London February 2009

We had lots of snow falling here in London last week. I was so excited when I woke up & saw the ground outside my house covered in snow, I just couldn't wait to get out & make a snowman. My Mummy quickly helped me to get dressed & there was no stopping me.
Here are some photo's my Mummy took while I was playing in it.

This is me, Cameron age 6. See how deep the snow was.

Here I am making my snowman, I had so much fun. I think I'll leave that for a minute & have a little run around. **chuckles**
This is right outside my front door. Phew this is hard work. I don't need my coat anymore. **giggles**

Then I fell over **haha**

She wouldn't dare (would she)?
No she didn't, I don't think she's funny even if she does & what doe's she look like in those ear muffs? Shhhhhhh! **giggles**

This is my Mummy throwing snowballs at me.

Here's my Mummy trying to get the snow from down my back **brrrrrr**

This is thirsty work you know, don't eat yellow snow Mummy says. **hehe**

At last my snowman is finished, so what do you think then? I like his carrot nose. This is a cool dude snowman with shades to match. **chuckles**

Okay, now I've worn myself out & I need to take a rest. Phew! a pirate's work is never done. I hope you enjoyed my photo's, I sure had lots of fun that day.

Love & Jellytots from me, Cameron xx


loz said...

WOW CAMERON!!! What a big boy you look in these very special photos!! It looks like you and your mummy had a wonderful time in all that snow!!! I think you should have put a snow ball down your mummies top!!((hehe))! I love your snow man did you give hima name!!??!!! Speak soon little man!!! Love ya! Aunty Laura xox

Lori Ruth said...

Cameron, it looks like you had a grand old time in the snow. I loved your snowman. Grandma should take that picture and make a tag out of it for you!!!

I am glad you got to see the alligator I put on my houseboat site!

Did you see the manatee too?

I will be posting more pictures so keep an eye on the site,
Aunty Lori