Thank you for coming to visit my blog.
I want to share my little brother Hayden-Starr with you. He was born April 8th 2008 with a heart defect. I was having lot's of fun with him. He always made me laugh. Then on June 3rd when he was 8 weeks old Hayden-Starr had to go away. I miss him very much & I think he was so brave while he was here. I was looking forward to sharing my toys with him. Here is a tag my Nana made showing how happy he was.
My special little brother, Hayden-Starr
I love you Hayden-Starr, I hope I get to see you again one day.

Monday, 9 February 2009

Another very special award (Hurray)

Today I have an award I want to share with you. I got this award from Anasola

I like her blog very much because she makes very cute stuff, please give her a visit, I promise you will like what you see on her blog.

I'm sorry it's taken me a little while to place this award up on my blog. I've been nagging my Nana to come & help me with it, but she has been so busy with her new blogtrain kit. Anyway, here I am at last **chuckles**

I'm having lots of fun at school & learning many new things. The other day (Sunday) I went with my Mummy & my Nana to see the new 3D film called BOLT, it was very good, now I want to get the DVD but Nana says I need to wait til we get the pennies (oh!)

Award from Ana3sola

I need to give this award to 3 lucky people now.

I wanted to give my Nana one but she said it wouldn't be fair because I love her, so I would be biased (whatever that means???)

The first one I want to pass this award onto goes to

Laura at Laura's Designz Go give her a visit as she's made a very pretty kit for a blogtrain that she's been taking part in called Victorian Valentine.

The next is to go the lovely Sassy of Sassy's Pumpkin designs who is also giving away an amazing kit as part of the same blogtrain that Laura is on.

This one is going to Jenay & Bratty of Our this N' that because they always work soooo hard to bring lots of goodies to share on their blog. They are always designing something new & this is what this award is all about. Please go along & give them visit too, I promise you will like what you see, I like their blog, it's very very cute.

Also I had some photo's taken not long ago when it snowed here in London. So my Nana is going to get them ready so she can upload them for you to see.

Thank you for visiting me, I hope you will come back soon. I did make some lovely lace doilies for you all, but my Nana had to re-boot her computer & they got lost, so soon I will make you something else.

I hope you all have a very nice day, Love & jellytots from me, Cameron xx